It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

  Today we look at The Rolling Stones’ 1974 album It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll. While they feel they were just coasting on the sucess of their previous albums, you have to admit the songs are still pretty good. I do not own any of the music, images, or videos. Please support the official releases.

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Eldorado-Awesome Albums

I’m celebrating a second artist who got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year by honoring Electric Light Orchestra and their 1974 album Eldorado. This album takes you into a dream world, playing out different characters in each song. Such a great album to get immersed in. I do not own the […]

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Bridge of Sighs-Awesome Albums

Today’s episode of Awesome Albums features Robin Trower’s album Bridge of Sighs, released in 1974. Often considered a white Jimi Hendrix, Trower blends rock and blues flawlessly and is such an underrated and amazing guitar player. I do not own the rights to any of the images, music, and videos. Please support the official releases.

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